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This is a blog about culture, writing, and pedagogy written by someone with an ideological commitment to feminism and social justice. In other words, while this blog is not explicitly about feminism, anti-racism, GLBTQI rights, anti-disabilism, fat acceptance, or social justice, that perspective will inevitably inform the tone and content of the site. You do not necessarily have to share that perspective to read or comment on this blog, but you should respect it in addition to abiding by general, common sense commenting etiquette. As the sole comments moderator for this site, I reserve the right to not approve your comment if I feel that basic standard is not being met. I am not adverse to doing a little bit of 101 and entertaining wildly divergent perspectives where appropriate but do not want the overall goals of the site to be overrun by them.

I can’t promise that I won’t occasionally be a total jerk on this site, so constructive criticism with regard to ways in which I might be undermining my aforementioned commitment are welcome, as are requests about what you might like to see on this site.

Long-winded comments are fine as long as you aren’t hijacking a thread. This is a blog for people with lots to say.

Comments Policies I admire and plan to adapt to fit this blog’s focus:

Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose




1 thought on “Comments Policy

  1. Who are you and where have you been my entire teaching writing life? Love the handouts, the stance on grammar nazis and the insightful defense of Betty Draper. Thanks, Merrill Black, adjunct faculty member, CUNY; curriculum developer, Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health

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