Handouts and Guides

These are posts that I have used or that should work as instructional handouts or guides for intructors.  I recognize that good classroom resources can be difficult to find for first time teachers, especially for graduate student instructors. If you like any of these, feel free to print and use them. Attribution is much appreciated.  See my Creative Commons license on the blog footer and my Attribution FAQ.

Using the First Person in Academic Writing

Writing Good Paragraphs

Editing for Readability Worksheet/Group Activity

Logical Fallacies: Ad Hominem

Marking a First Draft (for graduate students/new instructors)

Student-Led Discussion

Goal-setting and Self Assessment

How to Get a Better Grade

Using PBworks for Paperless Classrooms:  A How-to Guide

Using Prezi to Create Interactive Course Maps

Statements of Purpose for Graduate School 

2 thoughts on “Handouts and Guides

  1. Your posts are perfect. The one about people correcting other people’s grammar? Exactly what I want my students to understand about language. Thank you.

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