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Basket Case Time

A button that reads "Don't Panic"Ya’ll, I have some good news, some bad news, and some news that may or may not induce bleeding from the eyeballs.  The good news is that I am over my temporary writing hump and have nearly finished another chapter.  I’m also about done with all of my job materials.  The bad news is that my brain is too wrung out for blogging, and if I have two good hours of writing in my system, I’m generally going to be spending it on more pressing matters.

The other news, though I realize that you can fit the people who really care about this into an averagely sized high school gymnasium, is that the JOB LIST IS OUT, YA’LL.  HOLY CHRIST ON A POPSICLE STICK.  This is my first time on the market.  I’ve been promised another year of funding, so I’m not desperate yet, but there is just no way that this won’t create drama in my life, because at bottom, I’m sort of a shy person and SCRUTINY.  IT BURNS.  The simple activity of begging professors to read my letters and writing sample and whatnot has aggravated my acute case of imposter syndrome already.  Mock interviews (starting next week) should be an absolute hoot.  I’ll try to blog about it when I’m not drinking myself into oblivion and/or sobbing into a pillow.

Photo Credit:  Jim Linwood