Oh Hi There!

Given that it’s been about two years since I posted anything of significance on this blog, I’ve decided it’s time to officially declare it done. I’m leaving the blog up, and I want to thank all of the readers and commenters who helped make my first foray into internet writing such an interesting and awarding experience. Somehow, this blog continues to get several thousand pageviews per month in spite of the neglect, which is sort of astounding to me.

The simple truth is that as I’ve become more productive in my academic life (dissertation defended, Ph.D. acquired, three peer-reviewed articles set to appear in the next year, invited talks lining up, postdoc starting soon), I just haven’t had the creative juice to expend on long-form blogging about super-serious topics.

I am, however, noodling around on Tumblr under my real name–not that it was really a secret (thanks, Google!)–and you are welcome to follow me there. I blog about whatever the hell I want. Right now, it’s mostly Infinite Jest and Breaking Bad. If you’re a Tumblr user and into that sort of thing, come hang out with me there.


One thought on “Oh Hi There!

  1. I just found your website tonight have spent the last hour reading many of the posts before seeing this one. I am sad that it is over before it began, for me at least. I just finished my first semester in college and wish I had some of these tips at the start! Good luck with your future.

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