How to Cite this Blog

I’m getting more and more emails from people asking if they can reproduce posts to use in classrooms or training sessions, to which I say YES!  PLEASE DO!  This is why I have a handouts page with posts that I think are particularly suitable for those purposes!  I think that teachers should share resources as much as possible! So, here is a FAQ of sorts:

1.  I want to adapt one of the activities/policies you describe without using your exact wording.  Should I cite you? In these cases, I would say only if you really want to or if you feel like you’re skirting the line.  I’m not claiming that I invented the whole idea of doing away with late penalties or participation grades.  No single person really did.  I just put them in my own words and published them online.

2.  I want to quote you word for word.  Should I cite you? Ok, no one’s really asked this, but in case you were wondering, I’d prefer it if you did.  For one thing, I’ll be using edited versions of these posts in my teaching dossier for the job market, and I’d hate for them to think I’d stolen stuff I had written myself if sizable chunks of my prose get passed around the interwebs without attribution.

3.  Is it ok to modify one of your handouts or policy descriptions? Sure!  Adapt this stuff to fit the needs of your classroom.  I do appreciate attribution if the bulk of the wording itself is still mine, however.

4.  How do I cite you online? Just include a link back to the relevant post.  You can also say nice things about me if you want.

5.  How do I cite you in print? Include a line at the bottom of your handout or training document with something like.

“Obtained at”

The idea is for your readers to be able to find the original source of the document and hopefully explore the rest of the blog for themselves if they so desire.

6.  My school district is really conservative/I don’t feel comfortable using the word “Shitty” in a professional or educational setting. I totally get that.  Feel free to just use the URL if you need to.  That’s almost the whole reason why I didn’t put shitty in the URL itself.

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